Erickson Woodworking

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Erickson Woodworking is the partnership of Robert, his wife, Liese Greensfelder and their son, Tor Erickson.

Our goal is to create furniture that is personal, well conceived and a delight to the body and the imagination. We have a small shop with production limited to 75 pieces a year

Custom Rocking Chairs and Desk Chairs

Seating is our specialty. Robert has been designing and making chairs since 1969. Most of these chairs incorporate the Floating Back – taut, flexible slats that provide exceptional lumbar support – “a design concept I began developing in 1974 and have been refining ever since”.–R. Erickson

The custom rocking chair is one of several signature chair forms that we design and make. Robert built his first rocker in 1975 from the wood of a walnut tree milled by a local sawyer.

The handmade desk chair is another important design form that we specialize in. Given that many people spend most of the day at a desk, we pay particular attention to the ergonomics and custom fitting of this chair.

In our studio not only do we make custom rockers and desk chairs but we work with the chair as a piece of functional sculpture. While respecting the human body, these chairs are visual explorations of shape, texture and materials.

The Handmade Ergonomic Chair

We would like to explain our approach to designing and making the ergonomic chair … — continue reading